concept map


Instructions: Your task in this assignment is to create a concept map, drawing upon the ideas we have discussed in class, required readings, and any additional resource materials (research reports, other published articles, books, data, official statistics, etc.) that you find. Here is a general procedure for making a concept map. State a unifying concept for each concept map. One good way to get started on the map is to develop a focal question about the prompt of the week. The question will help you focus on relationships between processes and concepts. List the 3-5 “large scale” factors that you can identify that drive the process of interest to you. These should be readily identifiable to you – probably even before you conduct a literature review. These large scale factors form the first tier of your map. Now flesh out each of these clusters. Add detail (for example: secondary processes that contribute to the major factors). As you add tiers to your concept map you can indicate with a word or two what links or connects the tiers. Do NOT use more than three words for any cluster or connection….you’re trying to build a visual map, not write an essay. Continue to build your concept map with at least one more tier or layer of factors that explain the core challenge of interest. That is, your final map should have the core concept or question, at least three major clusters of factors/processes that directly affect the core concept/question, and at two more “layers” or tiers of factors in each of those clusters. Each additional layer should have at least two clusters. Do not build your concept map beyond three tiers. Think of your concept map as a visual explanation of a concept that has very complex roots. Remember that you are building your own visual guide to help remind you of the concepts and relationships we discuss in class.

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concept map
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