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A series of genetic crosses are planned to determine whether the genes for two characters are linked or unlinked. It is known from previous work that both characters exhibit a complete dominance inheritance pattern. In this particular species of elves, silver colored hair is dominant to tan colored hair, and pointed ears are dominant to rounded ears. Dihybrid silver-haired, pointed-ear elves are crossed with tan-haired, rounded-ear elves. The following phenotype frequencies are observed among the 92 offspring:

37 silver-haired, pointed-ear elves
38 tan-haired, rounded-ear elves
7 silver-haired, rounded-ear elves
10 tan-haired, pointed-ear elves


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Complete dominance inheritance pattern | Homework Help
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What is the recombination frequency between these two genes?
From these results one can conclude that _____________.




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