Competitor matrix with recommendation strategy summary


Competency Critique the influence of global and business environments on organizational success. Scenario In your role as a Business Process Consultant at Bryce-Kingston you are preparing for a meeting with your new client, JBH Electronics. JBH is an international electronics manufacturer that is seeking to expand the company by acquiring some competitors in the market. Instructions Part 1: You have been tasked with creating a comparison matrix, in Microsoft word, that details two competitors for JBH Electronic. Use two Fortune 500 electronic companies to compare and contrast the following (Remember to consider these on a global and business environment level): ·       Resourcing strategy ·       Go-to-market strategy ·       Competitor threats ·       Governmental policy threats ·       Weaknesses Part 2: Now that you have completed your comparison matrix, in the same Microsoft Word document, provide a recommendation strategy summary for the Senior Leadership based on your analysis. Make sure your recommendation includes how this strategy would impact the expansion and overall organizational success for JBH Electronics. Provide attribution for 5 credible sources.

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Competitor matrix with recommendation strategy summary
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