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Students will provide a brief presentation on their paper foci and conclusions. The paper should be approximately 7 pages in length, not including any cover or works cited pages. Double spaced. Standard font. Standard or 1-inch margins. Numbered pages. Available reference sources through the RWU library and the internet include Landmark Legislation, CQ Researcher, Congress and the Nation,,,, Washington Post and the New York Times. In general, do not use Wikipedia, blogs, or social media sites for sources. If you believe there is good reason to do so, ask me first. Late papers will incur a penalty of one-third of a letter grade per day (an A becomes an A-, an A- becomes a B+, etc). Late papers will incur a lesser penalty, and be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Paper Topic: Analyze the results of the November, 2018 election of a Democratic majority in the House and Republican majority in the Senate in light of what you read in assigned articles. Has this election affected the manner in which the executive branch works to advance policy? Be sure to include a discussion of the relationship between the White House and the federal bureaucracy, the legislative branch and the mass media, including social media

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Comparing the 2018 Election Assignment | Custom Essay Services
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