Compare contrast two jobs I had.


I need to clean this essay up with better topic sentences and transitions and make certain there are no errors. My instructor posted a a few notes:  Into is too short and topic sentence needs revision. Forth paragraph. This paragraph needs revision.  The topic sentence does not unify the paragraph.  This paragraph should align with the 2nd point in the TS about the hours scheduled.  All of the support sentences/details should be unified to the topic sentence and the 2nd point in the are no errors.    This part about stress should go in the next paragraph.  The next paragraph should have a topic sentence that unifies the paragraph with the 3rd point in the TS about stress level. This is a start to your closing.  The second sentence paraphrases the TS.    All paragraphs should have at least 5 sentences. She also stated there are a few PTA errors. Thanks for your help. I Have just been too busy with work to correct this.

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Compare contrast two jobs I had.
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