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1.Compare and contrast vegetative features (i.e., features not directly involved in reproduction) of bryophytes and gymnosperms. For as many differences as possible, explain how the features of gymnosperms allow them to colonize dry environments better than bryophytes can.

2.Describe the growth of a highly branched, large oak tree from an embryo within an acorn. (Note that the cotyledons in an oak seedling remain belowground when an oak seedling germinates.) Emphasize which meristems are involved in the oak’s development at different points in time, where these meristems are located, and how each affects the final form of the oak. You do not need to discuss what causes the acorn to germinate. You do not need to trace the development of every single root and branch, but trace the development of roots and branches to two orders of branching (i.e., a branch attached to a branch attached to the main axis and a root attached to a root attached to the main root).

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Compare and contrast vegetative features | Homework Help
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