Compare and Contrast Marriage Rituals Assignment | Online Assignment

This paper will be a cross comparison of marriage rituals between two (or more) different cultures. The 4 marriage rituals I want covered in the paper are in the Mexico, India, Kenya, and Turkey. I’m hispanic myself, so if you want to put in the intro somewhere that I chose to do Mexico and compare it to these other countries because of my background then that would be great! Our professor also wants us to use critical thinking skills while writing the paper. I copied and pasted the skills he is looking for and examples of each one below.

Paying attention to what is seen, heard, smelled, tasted or felt.
Example: doctors who do not have clinics to assist them use all of their senses. An almond smell of a patients breath may is a good indication that the person has diabetes.

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Compare and Contrast Marriage Rituals Assignment | Online Assignment
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The ability to recall or image observed or perceived feelings and sensations
Example: a car mechanic, in analyzing a problem, is able to feel vibrations and recall the same feel from another defective vehicle to assist in analyzing another problem. That same mechanic can imagine in his head the inner workings of an engine, as well as rotate and turn that image in his mind in order to help him solve a problem. This is the same thing a chemist does when they are imaging a chemical reaction, at the molecular level, to understand a process.

The process of paring down complicated things to single principles
Example: this is where the birth of Modern Art began, to pare down what is absolutely necessary. This is also an aspect of Antropological investigation of ancient cave art and petroglyphs. To be able to see and understand what ancient man saw and experienced, before they made their cave art and petroglyphs. To understand the abstractions of another (what specifics that-other deems important to conduct their “everyday life”) is to put yourself “in their shoes.”

The realization that two apparently different things share important properties or functions
Example: An electrician deals with many different wires in wiring a house, and a plumber deals with a series of pipes strung through a house. Now if you understand natures process of the flow of water in relation to gravity (pressure) and its stoppage (dams), you can understand the Plumber and the Electrician. The plumber tries to duplicate natures plan of water movement in a house and if you cam image the electricians wires as pipes, the same relationship applies.

Recognizing Patterns
Pattern Recognition is the first step in creating new patterns
Example: All science enquiry begins with the recognition of patterns. the understanding of numbers and unknowns in math, the colors in a rainbow and the physics of light.

Pattern Forming
Begins with combining simple elements in unexpected ways
Example: All new discovery begins with the “recognition of patterns” and then making new patterns. The steam engine was developed nearly a century before steam powered railroad engines. Previously, the steam engine was envisioned as a mechanical device that sat in one place and produced power originally done by humans and animals. It another to see the steam engine not in one place, but on a rolling base, powering itself along a track, traveling and pulling freight and people from place to place

Body Thinking
Thinking that occurs through the sensations and awareness of muscle, sinew and skin
Example In this one I challenge you to look up the reference – Laetoli trackway. In Tanzania there is a trackway of footprints in soliidified volcanic ash. the only hominids around are the Australopithicus afarenthis, the one many refer to as Lucy. Mary Leaky used body thinking, to put herself in place of the hominids, to solve the mystery of the Laetoli trackway

Related to Body Thinking; it is how people describes themselves as becoming a part of their subject
Example: the best people at empathetic thinking are perhaps the doctor, nurse and mother, who may “figuratively” put themselves in the place. But another person who used empathetic thinking, along with body thinking, to solve the mystery of the Laetoli trackway. Check out to see how Mary Leaky used the geology and fossils associated with the Laetoli trackway to understand what was happening in the surrounding area when the hominids were present.

Also, could you please make the work cited page MLA format? Thank you! 🙂 There also needs to be some professional articles and papers cited not just peer-review articles, thank you!

Body / Main information section
References cited
Direct quotes must be noted with citations in your references
Material that you synthesized and put in your own words also must be in your references
PLEASE, do not use large fonts or similar manipulations to make a barely twp page paper seem larger


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