“Community-based health information technology”


Below is the outlines for the written assignment “Community-based health information technology: Integrating computers and information technology (Telemedicine and Tele-health) and the Role of the nurse ” Outlines: What telemedicine, e-health, telehealth, telenursing refer to? How and when the Telehealth were emerged (historical perspectives)? How and when the Telenursing was emerged? Why do we need Telehealth Services? What are the modalities of Telehealth Services (synchronous telehealth and asynchronous telehealth, mobile health and e-health, and remote monitoring)? What are the Competencies required for nursing telehealth activities? What is the impact of telehealth on policies of healthcare, demand for providers? What is the nurses’ role as critical partners in telehealth services? Please use  the following: font style: Thoma font size 12 line spacing: 1.5

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“Community-based health information technology”
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