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Regarding this assignment, its a Critical Thinking class and have to evaluate an argument. The attached files will show a list of Arguments. The one I chose was ” Reopen NC? Not yet” this is an article and there will be the link for you to click on to discover and read more about.
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Criteria for the essay .

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Communication Strategies Assignment | Essay Help Services
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Introduction-Title, author and context of the essay under evaluation are clearly identified. The writer’s basic position is clearly summarized in detail along with the evaluator’s overall evaluation of the argument.


Argument Summary- The writer’s argument is clearly and thoroughly standardized according to the 5-step method outlined in Critical Thinking, Chapt. 7.

The writer’s argument is carefully, fairly and thoroughly evaluated based on the general guidelines outlined in Critical Thinking, Chapt. 8.


Conclusion-Key points of the critical evaluation are clearly restated and the paper ends with a strong concluding line that neatly sums up the evaluator’s response and/or puts the issue in a larger context.Key points of the critical evaluation are clearly restated.


Mechanics/GrammarFormatting is standard MLA. Grammar and spelling are excellent–no significant errors of any kind. Paper was submitted on time. Paper exceeds minimum length requirement.Formatting is standard MLA.


  • Disclaimer I may Have to send you pictures of the book instructions on Chapter 7 and 8. Just let me know

Spring 2020 Critical Essay Arguments

Source: News & Observer Letters to the Editor (opens in a new window; plain text:

Reopen NC? Not yet.

While I understand the frustration expressed by the group ReOpenNC, I respectfully disagree with their pressuring Gov. Roy Cooper into reopening the state’s “nonessential” businesses.

This has been a hardship for millions, and all of us are increasingly frustrated with not being able to live our lives as we had before. However, if it wasn’t for the governor’s order requiring people to stay at home as much as possible, we may not have seen the number of infections and deaths as low as they are now.

This is going to be an extreme exercise in patience, but it is worth saving lives and not overwhelming our health care system. What is currently happening within our nursing home facilities across the state should be a warning to all that this is not over. Now is not the time to relax preventive measures.

Jen Almond, Cary




































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