commuication systems

read Chapter 18 in your
text. In this discussion, you will be assigned a specific episode of
care for which you will explain the communication system utilized during
the episode.
In your initial post, describe your assigned episode of care.
Identify the individuals involved in that episode and explain the role
of each. Explain the possible conversations between those involved in
the episode. Identify the information systems involved, and provide a
rationale for each. Describe the different channels and services that could be used in support of the different conversations. Distinguish between information systems and communication systems as they relate to your episode.
In a separate document, illustrate the individuals involved in the
episode and their relationship to each other as depicted in Figure 18.1
of the text. Add the information systems that could also be involved in
information transactions, beginning with the health record. Save your
completed document and attach it to your initial post before submitting
it to the forum.
Your initial post should be a minimum of 300 words.
Episodes of Care begin with a healthcare event, such as a knee
replacement surgery, and extend throughout a window of time when a
patient receives healthcare services following that event.
Per my insurance carrier BCBS this is a typical EoC. Surgical episodes of care Empieic Health
Use this episode

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