COMM115 Week 7 Essay

Paper instructions

Assignment Instructions

Goal: The goal of this assignment is to create product that goes over how lifelong learning can help in one’s personal and professional development.

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COMM115 Week 7 Essay
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Course Objectives:

CO1: Examine curiosity and initiative in lifelong learning.
CO2: Describe what independence means in one’s personal and work life.
CO3: Explains the transfer of previous learning to current work skills.
CO4: Summarize how previous learning and current skills provide foundation for expanded knowledge, growth, and maturity.

Please consider the following:

o Write a reflective essay. Three pages minimum.
o Include how you incorporate lifelong learning in your personal and professional life.
o Write a high quality, well edited essay.
o Throughout your essay be creative and tell story to create your narrative.
o Please reference at least three quality sources in the podcast.

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Discipline: Lifelong Learning Reflection


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