COMM 253 University of Rochester The Importance of Electric Cars Homework Below you will find an example of what to do, you will find the way i will be gra

COMM 253 University of Rochester The Importance of Electric Cars Homework Below you will find an example of what to do, you will find the way i will be graded, you will find the assignment details. For my topic i would like it to be about: the importance of electric cars. Only 1 page long. Feel free to ask for more information. MEMO
From: Kari Cameron
Comm 253 Students
Date: May 7, 2020
Subject: Formal Presentation Proposal Guidelines
Formal Presentation Proposal Guidelines
You will write a proposal that details the topic you will present for your informative speech and
why this topic is relevant to you and to your audience. The purpose of this proposal is to gain
approval of the topic before preparing the outline and speech. The proposal should:

Define the topic (be sure to narrow it) and explain why you have selected this topic
Summarize research and/or statistics that establish the relevance and the importance of
the topic. Include information from a minimum of three peer reviewed journals or
professional organizations to support your research.
Explain why the topic is important for your audience (peers and instructor).
Identify the primary learning outcomes of the speech (What will be the takeaways?).
Include citations using APA style. Refer to the Purdue OWL APA guide.
Be formatted as a one- to two-page professional memo.
Due: June 3, 2020, 11:59 PM EST
Grammar and
The topic is clearly explained. It is relevant to the audience
and is appropriate for the class.
Research based evidence is provided to support the topic. A
minimum of three sources have been used.
The author’s opinion/position is clear. The significance to the
audience is evident. Intended takeaways are evident.
The proposal is formatted as a memo. The pyramid method
of organization is used. APA style citations and an APA style
Reference page are used.
The paper is free of grammatical and mechanical errors.
Subject: Presentation Proposal
I am proposing to do my project on United States’ epidemic of allergies. As a camp counselor, I
was always petrified that one of my campers would have an allergic reaction, and I’d be
responsible for injecting them with an EpiPen in order to keep them alive until the paramedics
arrived. The number of EpiPens that were tucked away in backpacks seemed to grow every year,
making me wonder why so many of these kids had life-threatening food allergies. My peers and I
have grown up in a time accustomed to dealing with food allergies but knowing more about them
could help us become more aware of the large-scale implications involved.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “[the] prevalence of reported food allergy
increased 18%…from 1997 through 2007” (Branum & Lukacs, 2009). This significant increase
leads me to believe that it is important for my peers and I to further understand food allergies
because it affects such a large percentage of our society. Additionally, “fast food intake was
consistently positively associated across all centres and many regions of the world with current
and severe symptom prevalence of wheeze, rhinoconjunctivitis and eczema” (Ellwood et al.,
2013). Knowing that a diet can lead to food allergies may make others consider switching to a
healthier alternative, so providing this information to my peers could be quite informative. “Food
allergy imposes a personal and public health burden, impacting on quality of life, health‐related
costs and service demand…$21.8 billion/year for the United States alone” (Tang & Mullins,
2017). While fast food may be less expensive in the short term, the costs associated with food
allergies would inevitably extend above these initial savings.
The project would be sectioned off into the causes of allergies, the economic implications of
allergies, and methods of treatment. By March 21st I plan on having a completed first draft of the
informative presentation so that by April 5th I am ready to present it in front of the class. I will
use only scholarly, peer reviewed journals to ensure that I present only factual, reliable data.
Thank you for considering my proposal topic; please let me know if you have any questions or
Branum, A., & Lukacs, S. (2009). Food allergy among children in the Unites States. AAP News
and Journal, 124(6). Retrieved from (1)
Ellwood, P., Asher, M., Garcia-Marcos, L., Williams, H., Keil, U., Robertson, C., & Nagel, G.
(2013). Do fast foods cause asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis and eczema? global findings
from the international study of asthma and allergies in childhood (ISAAC) phase three.
British Medical Journal, 1-10. Retrieved from (2)
Tang, M., & Mullins, R. (2017). Food allergy: is prevalence increasing? Internal Medicine
Journal. (3)

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COMM 253 University of Rochester The Importance of Electric Cars Homework Below you will find an example of what to do, you will find the way i will be gra
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