“Colonies, Commerce, Empire,”

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“Colonies, Commerce, Empire,”
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1. Required Readings:

i have attached it bellow

2. The 3-page Essay Assignment:

Read and do the Essay DAP, ch 3 ( i will attach it for you bellow ) “Colonies, Commerce, Empire,”

3. Things to know about the 3 papers you will do :

– Papers should be double-spaced and in 12pt. font (Times New Roman).

– Pay attention to the assigned length of the paper. The 10% rule (over or under 10% is ok) is in effect.

– The heading should have the date, History 217, and a title. Nothing more.

– Pay attention to grammar, punctuation, spelling, and paragraph construction as well as content.

4. Important information about writing a DAP Essay:

-This is not a research paper; the only source you will need for this assignment is DAP

5. How to write DAP papers:

– the goal of these papers is for you to think and act like a historian. Historians try to answer a historical question by analyzing evidence and offering their argument (thesis) based on that evidence. To write these essays:

1. find the question/problem posed at the beginning of each DAP chapter in “The Problem” section.  Your answer to this question(s) will become the thesis of your essay.

2. Read “the background” section to gain some context.

3. Keeping the question/ problem in mind, read the primary source evidence offered in”The evidence” section. You will need to read the primary sources more than once.

4. Think about the primary source evidence. Your Job is to use the primary source evidence to develop an answer to the question/ problem. That answer becomes your thesis.

5. state your thesis in a brief introductory paragraph.

6. the rest of your essay should, in clear, clean, and concise prose, support your thesis with evidence (from the primary sources ) and analysis.

7. Remember: it is not necessary for you to consult any outside sources. DAP has compiled the sources for you. Also remeber: you are making and supporting an argument; you are not writing a summary of the evidence or of the material in “the background” section.

8. when you qoute, cite the source in a footnote. Historians use Chicago citation style ; that is what you should use. Microsoft word will do much of the work for you. A bibliography is not required.


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