Clean the bucketsful of hagfish slime | Homework Help

Terry catches a ray-finned fish from the ocean and notices that, attached to its flank, there is an equally long, snakelike organism. The attached organism has no external segmentation, no scales, a round mouth surrounded by a sucker and two small eyes. Terry thinks it might be a marine leech, a hagfish, or a lamprey.

Having caught and handled a hagfish, what will Terry’s shipmates most likely require Terry to do before returning to further fishing?

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Clean the bucketsful of hagfish slime | Homework Help
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A) Clean the bucketsful of hagfish slime from the deck of the boat.
B) Spend some time below deck; only someone who’d spent too much time in the sun would remove hagfish denticles for later “analysis”.
C) Cut up the remaining hagfish and share pieces of this highly sought-after baitfish.
D) Dispose of the fishing tackle that had been poisoned by coming into contact with the hagfish.


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