Child Physical Abuse

Paper instructions

1. Use the internet to find a recent example of Child Physical Abuse (CPA).

2. Post a link to the information.

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Child Physical Abuse
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3. What could/should have been done in that case to effectively intervene and prevent the abuse from reoccurring? Examples can include: Child Protective Services, authority intervention (such as teachers) police intervention strategies, and proper implementation of current policies that deal with CPA.

4. Discussion needs to be a minimum of 275-300 words not including the title and citations.

5. This discussion links to Module 4 objective 1.

6. Discussion Rubric Details:
Original post
Distinguished: Fully addresses question or topic. Applies critical thinking or problem solving. Includes credible resources information or research to support positions, conclusions, or perspectives. (50 pts).

Text Book: Violence and Maltreatment in Intimate Relationships by Cindy L. Miller-Perrin, Robin D. Perrin, Claire M. Renzetti


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