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Course Project: Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition Blog

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Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition Blog | Homework Help
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Now that you have completed all of your course project assignments, submitted them to your Instructor, and revised each one based on the feedback you received, it is time to create your actual blog and post your entries. Creating your own blog is fun and quite easy.


Day 1/Day 2:


Click on the link below to to watch a short video on how blogs work:


Then, click on the link below and follow the simple step-by-step instructions to create your free blog account:<mpl=star


Once you have your blog up and running, make sure to select a professional-looking theme—one that conveys the seriousness of your blog’s subject. Spend time exploring the administrator features of your blog. Experiment with the blog editor to view the options you have for creating the look and feel of your entries. Remember, though, when creating your actual entries, stick to font types and colors that are professional and easy to read. Your goal is to communicate important information, which can sometimes be lost on the reader when the blog is filled with too many distracting colors or hard-to-read fonts. After you are satisfied with the look of your blog, write a personal profile to let people know a little about you, your connection with child development and the early childhood field, and/or your views about the importance of child health, safety, and nutrition.


Finally, you will need to copy and paste the URL link to your blog on the Discussion topic labeled Blog URLs so that your classmates will be able to access your blog. Post your blog URL by Day 2.


Day 3/Day 4:


You should have your fifth assignment reviewed and returned by your Instructor byDay 2. Make any appropriate revisions and then copy and paste each of your revised papers as separate entries into your blog. Have all five sections posted by Day 4.


Day 5/Day 6:


Now that your blog has been created, spend some time reviewing the blogs of some of your colleagues. Access their blogs by clicking on the links they pasted on the Discussion board. Leave thoughtful feedback on at least two of the five sections for two separate classmates. Copy and paste the links of the two classmates’ blogs on the Discussion topic labeledFeedback URLs so your Instructor can review your feedback. You will need to have finished leaving your feedback on your classmates’ blogs by Day 6.



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