Checklist for  Mail –Order Survey

Checklist for  Mail –Order Survey 10 Questions

Using the general guidelines for questionnaire construction from Chapter 5, construct a mail survey on a topic of your choice with 10 questions including demographic details. Make sure you are not assuming details and not asking double-barreled questions.

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Checklist for  Mail –Order Survey
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1.You need a total of at least 10 questions on your survey.

2.At least one question must be on your independent variable.

3.At least one question must be on your dependent variable.

4.No question must assume facts about respondents. E.g. Do not assume that the respondents drink alcohol by asking questions such as how much alcohol do you consume in a day. This can be a follow-up question after you ask if the respondent consumes alcohol or not.

5.Do not ask double-barreled questions, i.e. two questions in one. E.g. Do you walk to work and carry lunch?

6.The last few questions must be geared toward gathering demographic information like age, gender, race/ethnicity, highest level of education, etc.


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