Characterization of Solar Cell

Paper instructions

Area of Solar Panels in cm: 60cm2. Write a technical report on this project as specified in the lab guidelines and include:

1. Plots of Voltage vs. Load R, Current vs. Load R, and Power vs. Load R for series and parallel systems.
2. Input/output energy per Lab Guidelines
3. Efficiency of the motor/gear-head assembly.

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Characterization of Solar Cell
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-Using the data from Part 2: Calculate the maximum efficiency of the series and parallel solar cells using the input power and the maximum output power. Note that you need to plot output power (power delivered to the load) versus the load resistance and find the maximum power from the plot. To calculate the panel (combined panels) efficiency, divide output power by the input power to the panels. The input solar power was measured by the power-meter. You need to know the total area of the panels.
-Write several paragraphs summarizing the conclusions you drew from the solar cell efficiency calculation.
-The presentation as an attached example file.


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