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1) Angiosperms or flowering plants are the largest Phylum in the Plant Kingdom (Angiospermophyta is also known as the Anthophyta or Magnoliophyta). These plants have true roots, leaves, stems and the flowers. The roots grow into the soil in order to anchor the plant in place and take up the water and nutrients. The leaves are above ground and act as the chief organs for the process of photosynthesis. Stems offer the above ground support for the plant and operate as conduits in order to transport the nutrients and water throughout plant. Flowers consist of the male and female reproductive organs of plant.

With these anatomical features, conduct some of the research in order to determine an angiosperm which has modified leaves, roots, stems or flowers which do not function in the normal manner, or that function in an unusual manner. Example: A California Barrel Cactus has spines in place of the leaves in order to decrease the water loss.

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Characteristics of angiosperms. | Homework Help
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Describe how this structural modification helped the plant adapt to its environment. Assure the plant you select is an Angiosperm. For example, plants like the mosses, pine trees, and ferns are not the Angiosperms.


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