Chapter 6b blog


“Global Perspective”  Body Modification Check out this reading on page 148.  Let’s think about body modification.  We know by now that we are immersed in a culture that defines what “normal” is.  Body modification is a common practice.  The text lists even haircuts as an example of a normal body modification!   But let’s talk about a body modification that has changed in our culture in the past few generations.  Tattoos!  Here’s my question to you: Are tattoos deviant?  Before you rush to a yes or a no, please read p 148 about body modification and this article There’s some interesting stuff there about tatooing and crime. Also, tattooing has only been legal in in SC for a pretty short period of time.  Check out this article: So, are tattoos deviant?  How do you know?  Where are they acceptable?  Who gets to say?  Think about laws, norms, workplaces, families, gender, race, class, military, crime all sorts of things come into play.   For your response: Why do you think the perception of tattoos have changed over time?

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Chapter 6b blog
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