Ch 11, 12 & 13 block


Textbook: Invitation to the Lifespan, 4th Edition, Berger  Unless I indicate otherwise, each answer to an assignment question should contain at least 125 words, if not more. Chapter 11 1.   1.      Your younger brother is a senior in high school and wants no part of attending college. He hates school, and he just doesn’t see the value of four more years of education. As a sibling concerned about his vocational identity as well as his future ability to support himself, outline three important reasons for deciding to attend college discussed in your chapter. On the other hand, does he have a point? Does everyone benefit from, or need a college education? 2.    2.      Alex and Cassie have decided to cohabit. Define cohabitation, give two reasons people decide to cohabit, and identify potential positive and negative outcomes of the situation. 3.   3.       Define stereotype threat. How might stereotype threat explain women’s comparatively low participation in technological fields? Chapter 12 1.    1.      Describe how the brain is affected by senescence, and discuss the interaction of nature and nurture in relation to brain functioning. 2.    2.      Define selective optimization with compensation, and identify how this theory relates to intelligence during adulthood. Give two examples of selective optimization with compensation. 3.     3.      Gloria, age 50, is going through menopause. Recently, Gloria has been experiencing hot flashes, cold sweats, and increased irritability. She wants to talk to her doctor about hormone replacement, but she is not sure it is right for her. Explain research findings about the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy. Chapter 13 1.    1.        For each of the Big Five personality traits, describe a person you know who has a high level of the trait. Describe specific behaviors the person exhibits that lead you to the belief that he or she has a high degree of the trait. 2.    2.        Define the extrinsic and intrinsic rewards of work. How do most people’s perspective on the extrinsic and intrinsic rewards of employment change with age and maturity? Are you more interested in extrinsic or intrinsic rewards at this point in your life?

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Ch 11, 12 & 13 block
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