Celebrities and Social Activism that impacted you


Assignment: Celebrities and Social Activism   Overview: There is no doubt that celebrities in every realm of Popular Culture get involved with social issues and sometimes even lead to social change.  Can you think of a celebrity that has dedicated themselves to a social issue and has promoted positive change in society? A few examples could be:  Kim Kardashian and Alice Marie Johnson Colin Kaepernick against police brutality U2 and raising funds for AIDS research Etc • YOU MUST USE IN TEXT CITATION FOR THIS AND ALL PORTFOLIO ASSIGNMENTS Write about someone who has impacted you.  This is a personal opinion, so please as always, USE YOUR OWN words.  IF you’re using material from any source which is not from your own mind, simply use IN TEXT CITATION.  I understand there will be research, but ensure YOU SOURCE all of your research.   This must be a minimum of half a page and a maximum of a full page (double spaced).

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Celebrities and Social Activism that impacted you
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