Case Study Preschool age Child

RNSG 2261


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Case Study Preschool age Child
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Case Study Preschool age Child

Early Childhood Development

Sally is a 3-year-old girl in the primary care physician’s office. Sally’s mother states that she is having “temper tantrums.” Sally’s mother expresses concern about childhood obesity and is worried that she sleeps too much

Subjective Data

Mother states Sally eats well.

Sally sleeps 11 to 12 hours a day.

Sally speaks in four- to five-word sentences.

Objective Data

Birth weight: 3 kg

Today’s weight: 23 kg

Height: 90 cm

Sally speaks in three- to four-word sentences with a 300-word vocabulary.

Assignment: You are to complete the following case study using your textbook and find one current journal article related to your patient’s diagnosis. Submit a paper summarizing the article in 3-4 sentences and explain why this is applicable to your patient. Cite the journal article within the note using APA format. You are required to submit a handout on nutritional guidelines for the preschool age child. Submit the appropriate WHO growth chart for this child.





  1. Is Sally’s vocabulary appropriate for her age?




  1. Are Sally’s height and weight appropriate for her age? (Use WHO growth charts)(Submit growth charts with documentation for height and weight)




  1. What should the nurse tell Sally’s mother when discussing her concerns about childhood obesity?




  1. What can Sally’s mother do to help Sally maintain a healthy weight (based on WHO growth chart)?




  1. What are the nutritional guidelines for a Preschool age child? Cite reference



  1. How can parents get their preschooler to eat nutritional foods?




  1. What websites would you recommend for parents?




  1. Create a reference handout for parents. Assign students to research Web sites that offer guidance on how parents can get their children to eat nutritional foods.(submit for grade)





  1. What information can Sally’s nurse give about her temper tantrums?





  1. What is the goal of discipline for a preschooler?





  1. What is the recommended sleeping guidelines for a preschooler? (CITE reference)





  1. What is an appropriate intervention to address problems with sleeping in the preschooler?





  1. What immunizations should the child have for this age?






  1. What are the common intestinal parasitic diseases in children? .




  1. What medications and dosages are recommended for treating intestinal parasitic diseases in children?






  1. What are the anticipatory guidance for the preschool age children?










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