Case Study Discussion Posts #9 – Health Insurance


Because of the pandemic, Sally lost her job with the bank.  She has been able to find work for an accountant part-time. Chuck and the children have been on Sally’s plan through the bank since he became a self-employed exterminator.  Coverage for the family under the bank’s plan ends soon and they are not enrolled in health coverage or eligible for coverage with Sally’s current employer.  Sally has type 2 diabetes and the costs will quickly become unbearable if they don’t have health insurance.  Sally (age 38) and Chuck (42 years old) claim Junior (age 17) and Susie (age 13) as tax dependents. Together, Chuck and Sally expect to have a household income of $80,000 this year. Neither Sally nor Chuck use tobacco and they forbid their children to use it.  Primary post: Describe the plan would you recommend for Sally and Chuck. Explain why you make this recommendation.  Include the following??? Plan medal level (Bronze or Gold)? GOLD Estimated monthly premium? $1,196.89 Individual Deductible? $8,300 Family Deductible? $600 Out of Pocket maximum (Family Total)? $16,600 Estimated total yearly cost? $26,718

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Case Study Discussion Posts #9 – Health Insurance
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