Case Analysis– Fasteners for Retail

Case Analysis– Fasteners for Retail
Due: March 24, 2020 (submit hard copy individually at the beginning of class)
Worth: 20% of final mark (73 marks – distribution below)
1. Identify the process you would use as a Family Business Practitioner (FBP) assuming you
were hired to help the Conway family with a Family Business Succession Plan – be specific.
For interviews, who would you interview? Use names and be as specific as possible with the
process (order of interviews, what is in report, etc.). (Total marks: 13)
2. Need to present what 5 Guiding Principles you think would help the Conway family. Need to
clearly identify why you think this GP would help the family. Make sure to apply this
principle to the family with concrete recommendations based on each principle (1 mark for
principle, 2 why/how this will help the family – use case facts, 2 for recommendations for
each principle) (Total marks: 25)
*****DO NOT use governance as 1 of your principles given the below question.
3. What governance structures should be implemented to manage the:
a) The Family (7 marks)
b) The Business (7 marks)
c) The Owners (7 marks)
Please identify what structure should be used (1 mark), who would participate in it it (1
mark), frequency of the meetings (1 mark), the objective of the structure (2 marks) and
what topics should be discussed at the meetings for each structure (2 marks). Note: you
can add, remove, or change any current governance structures they currently use. (Total
marks: 21)
4. Should Gerry sell the company, appoint a nonfamily CEO, or persuade another family
member to come into the business? (Total marks: 5)
5. What was Gerald Conway doing to lead (Total marks: 9):
a) Nonfamily Employees (3 marks)?
b) Active family members (3 marks)
c) Non-Active Family members (3 marks)

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Case Analysis– Fasteners for Retail
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