Carbon Black presentation


This week you begin work on your Carbon Black Presentation which is due at the end of Week 13. • This assignment is one that allows you to let your creativity freely flow. You have extra time for this assignment because I want you to embrace this project with gusto! • Using knowledge of the current technology trends, after reading the attached document and from your own research, you must develop a digital presentation using a medium of your choice (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) to address one of the “Ethical considerations” related to the Carbon Black issue in Ponca City, Ok Your slideshow should include at least 5 slides (no more than 10). o The slides show must include a title slide (topic, course, your name, and date) and a reference (you must have at least 3 references, one can be the attached handout). o The presentation must use voiceover, where you are presenting your slides as if you are in front of a class doing the presentation. Your Presentation should include the following: • The answer to the question for the specific ethical consideration you chose to research (page 4 of the attached file) • Give an overview of the history of Carbon Black in Ponca City and the company, Continental Carbon. • Pros and cons of Continental Carbon manufacturing Carbon Black in Ponca City. • Relate the Carbon Black issue to pollution standards you learned in Chapter 19, Environmental Regulations: Hazardous Substances and Wastes. • Explain why air pollutant standards are set by governments and organizations.

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Carbon Black presentation
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