Calculate the theoretical amount of co2 | Homework Help

(1a ) How much oxygen is required to support the aerobic biodegradation of the BOD5 material in a storm water + sewage overflow situation that involves a 24 h overflow of 2 500 gallons/hour into a receiving river? The overflow contained on average 80 mg BOD per liter. Please give your answer in

i) Total amount of oxygen in grams
ii) Total amount oxygen in moles
iii) Total volume of river water to satisfy the oxygen needed for the biodegradation of the BOD5, assuming 100% saturation of O2 solubility in the water.
iv) Total amount of fines in US$ for this violation, if each 1 g BOD5 violation carries an EPA-instituted fine of $10.

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Calculate the theoretical amount of co2 | Homework Help
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(1b) Acid coal mine drainage in SE Ohio is highly acidic and relatively wide spread.

i) How much sulfuric acid (in moles) can bacteria eventually produce from the complete oxidation of iron pyrite (FeS) from an area that is estimated to contain about 25 000 metric tons of this material?

ii) How many liters of concentrated (36 N) H2SO4 is this equal to?

(1c) Algal blooms can reach extremely high densities at peak times. Assuming completemineralization of an algal bloom upon the subsequent decay, calculate the theoretical amount of CO2 and CH4 (in moles) produced under aerobic and anaerobic conditions, respectively, in asmall pond containing 4 000 m3 water and 2 g/l wet weight algal biomass. Assume 80% content of water in wet weight and 50% content of C in dry weight.


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