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Hardy-Weinberg has 5 major assumptions; however none of these assumptions are ever met by a natural population. Why then, can we use Hardy-Weinberg to test if a population is at equilibrium?

a)Hardy-Weinberg is not appropriate to use for many genetic data sets because none of the assumptions are met.

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Calculate the expected value of mn | Homework Help
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b)Hardy – Weinberg simply provides us with a null model to test hypothesis against

c)We only use Hardy-Weinberg in populations that we suspect are at equilibrium
d)We can use Hardy-Weinberg if only one of the assumptions is violated

e)We can use Hardy-Weinberg because we accompany it with a ?2 test of significance.

The following individuals are present in a population:
MM = 1787
MN = 3037
NN = 1305
Total = 6129

Calculate the expected value of MN and enter the answer with no decimals. When calculating the allele frequency of M and N please use two decimals.


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