C Question

use library using namespace std; and only.
Programming question(Use separate files and Virtual Function whenever it is appropriate)
Design a C class called Account to manipulate customers bank accounts. The class should have the following characteristics:
The customer name
The customer account number
The customer balance
In, your class develop the following methods:
– se the account number;
– get the account number,
– get the balance,
– Set the balance
– deposit Money
– withdraw Money,
– print account details.
– Constructor with parameters
– Default constructor

2. Design a child class called savings that is inherited from the class Account.
This class has interest Rate as a data member. A customer with a savings account can receive interest, make deposits and withdraw money. In addition to the functions inherited from the parent class, this class should provide the following operations:
– set interest rate,
– get interest rate,
– withdraw
– print account information.
– constructor with parameters
– default constructor.
3. In the main, create an object from the parent class and an object from the child class and test your functions

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C Question
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