Business Computer Systems Analysis

Summer 2020
IS 333ZA: Business Computer Systems Analysis
Assignment #1 DUE: Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to apply system analysis skills to solve real world problem(s).
As a Systems Analyst, your job is to understand existing business environment, identify business problem(s), and propose possible technological solutions to eliminate existing problems. In this assignment, you are tasked with identifying a business problem and apply your understanding of project planning and analysis phases to propose possible solution(s).
Task 1:
Present a business problem (fictitious or real) that requires you to develop a new Information System. Provides enough details to explain your business environment and existing problem in the business. Make sure to ask and include the three questions that are part of the project planning phase.
Task 2:
Once you have good understanding of the problem, propose at least two distinct technological solutions to solve the problem in hand. Make sure to ask and include the three questions that are part of the project analysis phase.
Task 3:
With the understanding of project methodologies, propose the methodology that you believe is appropriate to use to successfully complete your project. Provide enough justification as to why your chosen methodology is appropriate over the other.
It is important that you use the concepts you have learned in Chapter 1. You will need to thoroughly read chapter 1 prior to working on this assignment.
Submission Guidelines: Submit your completed assignment in PDF format on Canvas prior to
the due date.
Grading Rubric:
– Business environment – 15 points
– Business Problem description – 15 points
– Proposed Information System solutions – 40 points
– SDLC Lifecycle description – 30 points

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Business Computer Systems Analysis
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