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You are just hired to a Sheriff’s department out west. You and the sheriff are the only officers for miles. After finally getting approval from the mayor to hire you as her new Deputy. She has left you in charge of this sleepy town. While she takes a much needed vacation to Tahiti. You are on your own!

On the second day on the job, the local motel owner calls you screaming that someone has been killed in room 7. The motel had been closed for months and he just re-opened it, as a tourist will come to town soon.

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Bugs Assignment | Custom Assignment Help
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– How will you back calculate a possible time of death using our friend the blowfly?
– You may include other insects and animals in your case, as the time of death will be determined by you and a slick defense attorney will call into question all of your evidence and documentation.
– Make certain you “collect” a lot of evidence to support your case and defend why you selected it!


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