Brief descriptions of the types of data resources, data processing, and storage systems chosen. | Homework Help

  • Hernandez, R. R., Mayernik, M. S., Murphy-Mariscal, M. L., & Allen, M. F. (2012).  Advanced technologies and data management practices in environmental science: lessons from academia.BioScience, 62(12), 1067–1076.

    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.This study is an analysis of 434 graduate students’ survey responses on the topic of technological advances in the environmental sciences.

  • Kant, C. (2009). Putting your enterprise data in the cloud? Top considerations. Siliconindia,12(8), 22–23.

    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.In this article, Kant discusses the factors IT leaders in India should consider before transitioning their organizations from on-premise data storage to cloud computing.

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    Brief descriptions of the types of data resources, data processing, and storage systems chosen. | Homework Help
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  • Lakshmi, B., Venkata, P., Kumar, K., Shahnaz Banu, A. S., & ReIDy, K. A. (2013). Data confidentiality and loss prevention using virtual private database. International Journal on Computer Science & Engineering, 5(3),143–149.

    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.This paper provides practical tools for maintaining database security, and preventing data loss and theft, through the use of the virtual private database.

  • Shaffer, C. (2012). Managing data in the cloud age. Drug Discovery & Development, 15(8), 10–12.

    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.In this report, Shaffer takes a look at several pharmaceutical companies’ attempts to manage exploding data through partnerships and cloud computing.

  • White, D. E., Oelke, N. D., & Friesen, S. (2012). Management of a large qualitative data set.International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 11(3), 244–258.

    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

  • Assignment: Final Project—Business Memo—Selecting and Using Data Resources and SystemsThis week you will continue to work on your Final Project, which is due in Week 7. By Day 7, you will submit a business memo, written to your Instructor, that explains how you plan to incorporate your learning from the week into your Final Project. This will not be a “perfect” synopsis at this point, but it should capture the main themes and important ideas from the week. Your memo should include the following:
    • Your preliminary summary of how you are planning to incorporate this week’s learning into your Final Project
    • Your ideas and recommendations for how your organization can mitigate the short-term and long-term issues that can arise when selecting and using data resources and systems
    • Brief descriptions of the types of data resources, data processing, and storage systems chosen
    • An explanation of how the organization might manage the potential implications of those selections, while taking advantage of the opportunities they afford to sustain the business or gain a competitive advantage
    • Other relevant recommendations or issues that you identified, with a brief analysis of why they are important

    Note: If you are unable to find relevant information, you may want to look for similar information at /for other similar publically traded companies. You may find relevant information that will enable you to make appropriate inferences about your organization and make reasonable assumptions so you can proceed with your project.

    If you have questions about how to apply what you are learning or how to find the most relevant information for your organization’s needs, please discuss your choice with your Instructor using the Contact the Instructor link in the classroom.

    General Guidance on Assignment Length: Your Week 3 Assignment will typically be 1.5–3 pages (0.75–1 page(s) if single spaced), excluding a title page (not required for this Assignment) and references.

    As a best practice for this course, as you engage and complete your weekly activities, you will capture notes on your learning for each week and aID them to your Final Project Portfolio, which you will use to formulate your Final Project. By the time you turn in your Final Project in Week 7, your working Final Project Portfolio document will contain your notes on the resources you found relevant in each week, as well as your ideas for how your organization can improve its business information systems management with respect to each week’s main themes. You should also include your analyses of the implications of your recommendations, as well as reasons why your recommendations are important. You will update your Final Project Portfolio each week.

    This week you are encouraged to begin setting up your presentation in PowerPoint. You should complete a title slide and 1–2 slides with your preliminary recommendations for your organization as they relate to this week’s learning.

    Note: Neither your Final Project Portfolio nor your preliminary slides will be submitted for grading this week.

    To complete your Assignment, click on Assignments on the course navigation menu.


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