Brainstorming Techniques

As you now know, it is important to select topics that interest you, and that you can present with enthusiasm. However, sometimes you are not able to pinpoint a topic, or narrow the topic down to match the amount of time you have to speak about it. Watch the quick video (above) and read this web article: .

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Brainstorming Techniques
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The topic of your upcoming Informative Speech must focus on an issue of civic interest.  The goal of Persuasive Speech #1 will be to convince your listeners to support a charity or non-profit organization. Brainstorm current events/issues of civic interests and charities/non-profit organizations that interest you. What do you already know about them? What do you need to know?

Of course, you can link both the Informative and the Persuasive speeches around a related topic, which will allow you to conduct more efficient research. For example, you could do an Informative Speech on the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Florence, and then focus a good persuasive speech to convince your listeners to volunteer for Habitats for Humanity. However, this is not required, so do not feel hemmed in. For example, if you want to inform us about the history of the Girl Scouts, and then persuade us to support The National Endowment for the Arts, go for it!

Try out some of the techniques that you watched in the video and read about in the web article, to narrow down your topics.


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