Brainstorming or Deming’s management philosophy.

1. Total quality management is one of the topics that before this course I didn’t know about, after taking this curse I can say that I am able to define and provide examples of how total quality management is used while at the same time teach other about this specific topic. A few of the most important concepts and topics I learned so far that can be used in my field of study are quality control, the philosophy of Deming and how to put it to use and lastly brainstorming; All of the concepts / topics mentioned would help me in many different ways in my field of study by helping me find solutions to complex problems and most important learning how to improve performances overall in the workplace. Additionally, the information gained provided with the knowledge to hopefully in the future show others new way of doing things whether through brainstorming or by using Deming’s management philosophy.

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Brainstorming or Deming’s management philosophy.
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2. In my experiences I have learnt a lot and some of the think enforce my previous knowledge. Some of these things are; the importance of improvement day by day. Because staying in one point does not help any company that want to grow. Another thing is that the satisfaction of the client help a lot to improve the outcome of the company. So far, in my opinion, these points can be taken to be to my career (Health Service Administration) because is important to help the community and give the best service because I will be dealing with health and people. I will need to be competence in my job in order to overcome all the situation around my job area. All the information gained in this course I can applied first on my internship and then in my job by trying to implement the most I can to improve my performance give to my clients so they can be satisfied with the service that I will deliver to them. My goal is to give the best of me when giving a service that I will able to give with no problem.


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