Botany questions, In lecture we discussed plants | Homework Help

1. In lecture we discussed plants transitioning from water to land, thus pretend you were this plant clearly identify at least 3 things you need to survive on land. If you were a female what specific structure protects your baby zygote?

2. Land plants have become more complex in structure and function since their first appearance on land. Discuss the progression of aIDed structures and functions of plants as they went fromsingle cell algae to the giant conifers?

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Botany questions, In lecture we discussed plants | Homework Help
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3. Why are pteridophytes (ferns) better adapted to dry land than bryophytes? Describe how where they are similar, and what difference(s) cause the pteridophytes to have more of an advantage.

4. What are the two main groups into which flowering plants are divided?

5. Question 1: Three friends, John, Taylor, and Ben go on a hike together through the woods. It is a very cool morning so they all wear coats. Unfortunately, Taylor’s coat gets caught in a plant as they weave their way thru a denser part of the woods. Try as she might, the plant has ripped into her coat and she can’t get free. John and Ben immediately try to help her, but in their haste to help her, they trip on a root and stumble helplessly downhill. John manages to catch himself by purposely running into a small group of upright plants that have a lot of nasty sharp edges growing on them. Ben chooses to avoid those painful looking plants and instead let’s himself fall completely to the ground. Ben fell onto yet another plant with fiendishly sharp defenses and lets out a painful yelp. John at first fears that he will be stuck like Taylor, because his coat has also been ripped into by a plant. However, he finds that what was stuck into him easily separates from the stem of the plant. Oncehe freed himself, Taylor tells him to check on Ben. He helps Ben get up and finds that he had landed but first on a small plant with needle like structures which each come with a small bud looking thing located next to them. He couldn’t find these axillary buds next to the parts that ripped into his and Taylor’s coats. Working together, they finally managed to free Taylor. Once out of the woods they took a look at their coats. John and Ben had a lot of individual pieces of plant that had stuck in them while the structures that got Taylor stuck were all connected. Was it a leaf or stem that Taylor got caught in, what are these structures called? What about Ben? What did John run into? Explain how you know who ran into what.

6. Question 2: Plants have many types of symbiotic relationships with other organism. In class we discussed two involving the roots with a certain type of fungus and bacteria. Name the two organisms and explain what they gain and what the plant gains from this relationship.

7. Am I a stem or root? A monocot or dicot? How can you tell?



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