Botany Question

TOPIC: What methods are used in the commercial production of tulip bulbs

This report is designed to research certain factors involved in propagating or using a particular technique of propagation. Use an outline to organize the paper, write a rough draft, and then edit it for sentence simplicity and conciseness to achieve the final draft. Indicate the sources of your information. Most of your information should come from books, trade journals and scientific articles, not from Internet sources. Sources of information will be considered in assigning a grade. Diagrams, tables, and good quality pictures are acceptable. Text length should be 3 pages typewritten pages (double-spaced).
Include information on the following:
Research report should include the following:
Common and Latin Name
Horticulture or economic value of plant for food, fiber or landscaping.
Research Topic: information on subject from books, scientific articles, and other resources.
Summary: 5-8 bullet points on important aspects of your particular subject area.
Literature Cited: 4-8 minimum citations.
Examples of how to list references:
Abbott, A.J. and R.K. Atkin, eds. 1987. Improving vegetative propagated crops. New York: Academic Press.
Chapter from a book:
Barlow, 1994. The origin, diversity and biology of shoot-bourne roots. In: T.M. Davis and B.E. Haussig, eds. Biology of adventitious rooting. New York and London: Plenum Press. pp. 1-24
Jondle, R.J. 1993. Legal protection for plant intellectual property. HortTech. 3:301-307
Example of literature citations.
Being one of the most popular and admired flowering plants, Rosa spp. (roses) have made their own way through history with their unique form, fragrance, and astonishing beauty. Fossils dating forty million years ago prove the existence of the Rosa species in North America. (Ray, 1981) Written records of early civilizations tell of the presence of roses in their daily lives. In 500BC, Confucius wrote about the Imperial Rose Garden of the Chinese Emperor. Captain John Smith, explorer of the New World, wrote about the Indians of the James River Valley who planted wild roses to adorn their village surroundings. (Cairns, 1999)

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Botany Question
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