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DIRECTIONS: This assignment is a response to Donald Von Drehle’s Triangle: The Fire That Changed America. To complete this assignment, you must fully answer the below short-answer questions using specific details from the book. Remember that the purpose of this assignment is to make sure you have read and understood the book, so be as specific as possible and avoid vagueness! You should write a full paragraph (10-15 sentences sentences) for each question. Each question is worth 20 points, for a total of 100 points (20% of your course grade). Please use this sheet and TYPE your answers…. further FOLLOWING ARE THE QUESTIONS NEEDED TO BE FULLY ANSWERED: 1. Describe the political and social context of the Triangle fire as explained by the book. What role did immigration play during this time period? What were the politics like—in particular, what were the differences between progressivism and the Tammany Hall style of politics?[INSERT ANSWER HERE] 2. Describe the Triangle Shirtwaist Company and its management. What were working conditions like? What was the company’s relationship with organized labor? Discuss the strike and how progressives tried to help.[INSERT ANSWER HERE] 3. Describe the Triangle fire. What were the causes, and how did it get out of control? How was the Triangle fire different from other workplace disasters of this time period? What was the immediate aftermath of the fire?[INSERT ANSWER HERE] 4. Discuss the long-term impact of the Triangle fire. How did it shape the reform movements of the Progressive Era? What political actions were taken, and what laws were passed as a result?[INSERT ANSWER HERE] 5. Describe how the trial unfolded. What was the defense strategy for the factory owners? What was the trial outcome?[INSERT ANSWER HERE]

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Book Response Donald Von Drehle’s Triangle Assignment | Get Paper Help
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