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Blood Diamond (2006)
The film Blood Diamond (2006) revolves around conflict diamond stones smuggled to rich nations. The film is based on the real life scenario in Sierra Leone, Africa. The three main characters include L. DiCaprio, S. Vandy, and M. Bowen. These three characters signify three different responsibilities in Africa. In the film, one character is shown selling weapons to rebels in trade for battle diamonds. This is good as the director wants to show viewers the complexity of conflicts around the world. The rebels stir conflict and attack villages to gather workers including children. In aIDition, some of the underage captives become rebels to boost their numbers in the conflict. Again, the film does well in showing the effects of war in underprivileged populations. The underage rebels have been brainwashed that their government is rather weak. Resultantly, they feel that they can be safe by becoming rebels. Altogether, the film reveals the complex nature of civil conflict and its dangers to global peace by swaying from its intended purpose and nearly losing its meaning.
However, the film presents enough overplay plus a roving plot to sway senior viewers that they are in for a good work. To others, the film can easily be seen to suffer from a disorder because at some point it appears a heart felt production and the next it is a flamboyant action film filled to the edge with explosives. Perhaps, this is best captured through Vandy; who symbolizes the rather unfortunate population. He is portrayed as the characteristic, poor civilian who dreams of a better society. In fact, his dream is that his country shall be called paradise one day. This is reflected in his son’s dream who hopes to be a doctor (perhaps to help his community). However, the son’s dream in such a cruel land is almost cut short when he is abducted. This portrayal signifies the realities of the world we live. Unnecessary conflicts and other evils filter through the society making it even harder for poor souls. Nevertheless, such sequences are frequent throughout the film and make it rather disappointing. Indeed, it has the potential to explore happenings and aspects of civil war in the country but the many pretentious action easily brings out a differing message to some viewers.
The film does well, however, by showing that politics and the media can be used in improving society. Ideally, the media play a considerable role in political dynamics. Information is readily disseminated to the masses, and they can know what is happening in their nation. This is expressed through such characters as M. Bowen. On the other hand, inadequacies manifest themselves till the film’s finale. The director shows Vandy just about to bear witness in a congressional meeting. This is followed by the appearance of a fading screen plus a message requesting viewers not too involved with the smuggled stones. Even so, the film does no justice when a loud rap song blares through the speakers and confuses viewers. Possibly, the message can be delivered in a direct way for all to know. Admittedly, it is possible to tell that the film carries a vital message though it is hiIDen via sensational vignettes about the conflict. However, the social problems insinuated by the film cannot be summed up in a rap song. Conclusively, the film misses a significant cinematic opportunity plus fails in delivering the message about people’s hardships in conflict zones. In carrying and revealing the vital message, this film scores poorly.

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Blood Diamond (2006) | Homework Help
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