Blackbody spectrum lab


Title Page Introduction (30 Points) Describe the concepts discussed in the introduction of the lab manual. How do these concepts relate to the lab? Why are they important?  How did their discovery progress the field of astrophysics? Must be at least two pages (1000 words) and have at least three outside references to give additional information on the topics.  These have to be academic resources, or at the minimum recognized publications.  Some examples include textbooks, university educational pages (.edu with a recognized institution), scholarly reviews (be careful these get complicated quickly), Astronomy magazine, Scientific American, New Scientist etc. Random websites not affiliated with a recognized institution or publication will not be accepted.  Figure (20 Points) Include an image of each spectrum that you analyzed.  This will include the Sun, Sirius A, a star at 8000k, Earth, and a light bulb. Should be clear and legible.  I need to be able to see all of the information outlined in the lab manual. You may format the images as individual images or combine them into a single image. By a single image you would take all five graphs shrink them down, and put them next to one another. Must follow the formatting outlined in the lab manual, and the sample papers that I have posted to Blackboard. Must have a title and a caption (and in the correct place for a figure). Chart (30 points) Create a chart as outlined in the lab manual. Follow the formatting of the tables in the sample papers. Must have a title and a caption (and this has to be in the correct place for a table) Discussion (20 Points) Give a brief overview of the experiment (1-2 paragraphs;150-250 words) In addition answer all of the questions in the lab manual.  Don’t forget that some of the questions are repeated for each object.

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Blackbody spectrum lab
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