Biology of Belief and Pandora’s Box Homework Assignment.


Part 1. After watching The Biology of Belief carefully, summarize ten main points that Lipton makes in with video using at least 3 sentences for each one.  Part 2. Pandora’s Box Study Questions: Answer each of the questions with multiple sentences. How do Jim Watson and Bruce Lipton differ in their assumptions about human beings? (1 paragraph). After looking at the videos, what makes a human being an asset or a liability in your opinion? (3+ sentences) Find out something that has been done in genetics in the last five years and tell me what it is. Then discuss how you feel about what was done and how you feel about changing human genetics in general. (3+ sentences) What do you think of Jim Watson’s comment about “Playing God?” Just to remind you, he says that if, “We don’t play God, who will?” What are the dangers of genetic manipulation of humans? (3 sentences). What are some of the positive uses of genetic engineering that are mentioned in the videos and also mentioned on google scholar? (3 sentences). Biology of Belief – by Bruce Lipton (full documentary)

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Biology of Belief and Pandora’s Box Homework Assignment.
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