Big Data and Collaboration seek to fight covid 19


PLEASE PROVIDE ANOTHER COMPANY/INDUSTRY WHERE BIG DATA HAS BEEN INCORPORATED INTO THE DECISION-MAKING PROCESS UPON WRITING PAPER TO SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL.  COVID-19 Pandemic • Read the assigned article from The Scientist. o • Describe how big data is being used to combat the virus (250 – 500 words). This is not a summary of the article; it is an analysis of the use of big data. Feel free to use other articles in from your own research to help support your analysis. [20% of Grade] • Identify another company/industry you are interested in where big data has been incorporated into the decision-making process. This is NOT how COVID-19 is now incorporated into their framework. The field is wide open, so be thoughtful in the topic that you choose. Only one person in the class can write about a specific topic, so starting on 10/29/2020, you may begin submitting topics via Email for approval. If your topic has not been selected, and would be appropriate, you will receive a reply of approval. Topics already taken or unqualified will not be approved. [10% of Grade] • Describe how big data has changed this company/industry from how it previously operated. How has it made it better/worse for competition, strategic advantages, decision-making, or other impacts? Outside research to support analysis and risk management recommendations are helpful (750 – 1000 words). [25% of Grade] • Be mindful of the material and terminology discussed in class, applying it where it fits in your topic. [20% of Grade] Assignment Requirements • Due date: November 17, 2020 by 11:59 PM. Must be in PDF Format. Works cited can be in any format, however, you must CITE in your paper. It is not a bibliography [10% of Grade] • Total word count range recommendation 1,000 – 1,500 words (excludes works cited) • Your paper can be as long as you would like to make your points, however, ensure your communications are clear, concise, and lean. Do not just write for writing’s sake. Grammar is important, so please proofread your work. [10% of Grade]

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Big Data and Collaboration seek to fight covid 19
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