•Your assignment will be to create your own bestiary by choosing •5 different animals and providing an illustration and informational text (minimum of 250 words) for each. Although you will be using these medieval texts as models, you should also endeavor to make your bestiary current by including and writing about animals that are important to you personally and/or are the focus of 21st-century issues/concerns. •Your bestiary must include a bibliography and references, and you must use at least 2 sources for each animal. (10 sources altogether) •You will hand in a draft of the assignment in order to receive feedback and to be able to revise your project if needed. The draft (= a list of your 5 animals and an entry [text and image] of one of them) it is due in the D2L drop-box by noon on Tuesday Nov. 10. This will give your TA enough time to read and comment on your draft and return it to you in section on Friday Nov. 20 so that you can work on it over Thanksgiving. •The completed and final version of your bestiary is due in the D2L drop-box by 5:00 p.m. on the last day of classes, Wednesday Dec. 9

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