Best strategies dealing with the people in a variety of situations

Assignment two 10/01/2019

1. Refer to the American Nurses Association (ANA) Principles of Delegation found at

2. Refer to the NCSBN joint statement at

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Best strategies dealing with the people in a variety of situations
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3. Refer to the Alaska Board of Nursing statues and regulations at

As a nursing leader, part of your duties are to determine the best strategies dealing with the people in a variety of situations. How will you delegate to maximize your time and empower your employees? Mange your time, resources, and those of your organization by asking yourself, “is this truly the best use of my time and talent, or is there a less expensive way to get this task completed? Is this an appropriate delegation in terms of duties, education, and practice standards?

The scenario:

You are the department leader; your staff consists of 14 Registered Nurses, 9 Certified Nursing Assistants, 6 ward clerks and 1 nurse educator. The ward has a variety of medical-surgical patients from 91 years old to 1 year old. The hospital is in a rural part of Alaska that often has limited staffing available. Tonight you have the following situation presented to you, what are your steps in dealing with the situation and describe with regulations (from the above sites) why you chose to proceed the way you did in order of severity.

Evening shift begins at 3 pm, the census is 25 patients with 6 soon to arrive from surgery. Your staff tonight will be 5 RN’s and 3 CNA’s.

The five RN’s are

Nurse A: worked 10 years, BSN graduate; always worked on the Pediatric floor but is floated to work here tonight. She is not happy about the assignment and is vocal about this at the nurse’s station saying, “I won’t take care of adults, I don’t know how.”

Nurse B: Worked on this floor as a charge nurse for 10 years, quiet and easy going. Master’s prepared non-practicing Nurse practitioner.

Nurse C: Graduated from the AAS program 6 months ago, this is her first job.

Nurse D: She is a Licensed Practical Nurse with 25 years of experience.

Nurse E: Graduated from the BS program 2 years prior. Does not like when Nurse B is in charge and tries to make her own assignment.

CNA 1: worked for 3 years on this ward as lead.

CNA 2: works in Pediatrics for 6 months.

CAN 3: worked for 5 years on this ward, comes in smelling like alcohol.

Decide who you will put where and why? Delegate appropriate tasks describing what they are and define why they are appropriate (support your thoughts with facts from websites)

Address any issues you think are apparent; is this part of your delegation or duties?

For this assignment, you will write a paper describing observation, identification of recurring conflict, and details of the even as a leader. What are the types of conflict, strategies you will use as a manager (leader) who and why you chose to delegate certain tasks to why and why not.

Papers are to be in APA format, 4 recent scholarly references (textbook does not count as one) cited in text. Papers are to be at least four pages double spaces. Grading rubric is provided.


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