Barstow Community College Bear Came Along Book Review please read Bear Came Along, illustrated by LeUyen Pham, written by Richard T. Morris, and published

Barstow Community College Bear Came Along Book Review please read
Bear Came Along, illustrated by LeUyen Pham, written by Richard T. Morris, and published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
you will write a review using the Literacy Review form provided in the PDF!
You must include the title, author, ISBN, age group intended for, and the DRDP-PS domain that it applies to.
You will also include a summary of the book, including main idea as well as how you will make a school-to-home connection with the parents, an extension activity using the theme of the book in the classroom, how you will introduce new language, words, phrases, etc., and you final thoughts and evaluation of the book. Any “pages” used to complete any of this MUST be attached to this assignment. Name: Professor Albergottie
Literature Review
Title of Book: Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse
Author: Kevin Henks
Published Date: 1996
ISBN#: 1258784523658
Recommended age group: 3-8 years
DRDP Domain Area: Social and Emotional Development
Summary of the Book (First, Next, Then, Last):
Lilly loves everything about school and her cool teacher, Mr. Slinger. But when Lilly brings her purple
plastic purse and its treasures to school and can’t wait until sharing time, Mr. Slinger confiscates her
prized possessions. Lilly’s fury leads to revenge and then to remorse and to her “fixing” her mistake.
How does this book support the DRDP domain area you chose?
In “Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse”, she become upset that her teacher took away her most prized possession
because she disrupts the class several times with it. This allows for a discussion of how a child feels
when someone takes something from them as well as how they feel when someone is distracting them
from their learning and story time. It allows to work up to the “Building” stage of the Measure by
“identifying own or other’s feelings”.
How will you encourage parents to include activities at home for this DRDP focus area?
I will let parents know that we are working on sharing our feelings and identifying them. I will encourage
parents to have their student draw pictures of how they feel at home and share out with me what they
experience. I will also send home “feeling” face cards for each student similar to the ones we will use
with this lesson, to help encourage the family to talk and use them as well.
Extension activity for this book: details of the activity and any worksheet/patterns etc need to be
We will be talking about emotions and students will receive their own set of “feelings” cards to take
home and practice with. We will chart how each child is feeling the week of this lesson (allowing each
child to come and put their “face” on the bar graph that matches how they are feeling that day.
Teachers will also identify situations, as the occur, that show emotions (happy, sad, and in between),
and discuss them with the class to help make the connections.
Students will also get their own “Feeling/Emotions” book to take home and read with their family. (This
file is attached)
How will you incorporate special/unique words, phrases, sentences, or dialogue?
While reading, I will identify the words that mean the same as their emotions. (This book includes
shades of meaning words so I will make the connection for them: for example, “cross” means very mad).
Also, during reading I will ask questions about the pictures, such as, “hmm, why would the illustrator
draw Lily like that?” (shows Lily very angry with red eyes).
While going through our day, we will use the phrase “it’s okay to be made” and “use your words, and
tell me how you feel”, to encourage students to self-identify their feelings and work on their social and
emotional development.
Evaluation/qualities of the book (How would you rate this book on a scale of 1 to 10: 1 low and 10
high): (repetitive, rhyming words/lines/episodes? Uses sequential patterns? Brief, fast pace, and fun?
Engaging human or animal characters?
10- this is a relatable story line for students, as these are real life events that occur within the classroom.
It shows how we get excited, but still have to meet expectations. It also gives the opportunity to ask
deeper level thinking questions because the illustrations support the story line and help students to
“read” the story themselves.
Multicultural Books: Are the characters identifiable? Does it project stereotypical behaviors of a
particular racial group?
Lilly’s Purple plastic purse is not a multicultural book per say, however, the main character is relatable as
well as the supporting characters. There is no racial undertones that project from this book.

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