Assignment: Optimize Your Strategic Plan – BUS7130


Instructions For this assignment, you will optimize a draft of your strategic plan. The draft that you create this week, along with the feedback that you receive from your professor, will be used to finalize your plan, and have it presentation-ready for Week 8. Therefore, become familiar with the final Signature Assignment instructions and guidelines that follow, and then for this assignment, create a 5 to 7-page draft (not including cover page, table of contents, and references) of the information that you will include in your strategic plan. This week, you will begin to compile all of the information that you researched and developed throughout this course. You will assemble it into a clear, focused, succinct plan that demonstrates all that you have learned in the course; and then, you will present those findings to your audience. As you remember, Tracy (2015) suggests that there are five key components that support change and deliver success, including: Strategic intelligence and gathering analysis Strategy formulation Strategy master project planning Strategic implementation Monitoring, reviewing, and updating As you optimize and complete your strategic plan presentation, keep all of these components in mind, and then blend them into your plan as you begin to implement the plan. Be sure to incorporate at least five scholarly references in your work, and address each of the seven points that are listed below in the final Signature Assignment instructions. Depending on the complexity of your strategic plan, you may feel free to utilize more than seven pages. However, less than five pages may indicate that your plan may not contain sufficient detail. Upload your document and click the Submit to Dropbox button. Length:  5-7 pages (not including cover page, table of contents and references) References:  Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.

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Assignment: Optimize Your Strategic Plan – BUS7130
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