Assignment 3: Regional Impacts of Climate Change 

Assignment 3: Regional Impacts of Climate Change (15%)


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Assignment 3: Regional Impacts of Climate Change 
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Now that you have completed the activities and the discussion for Module 3, you are ready to do Assignment 3.

This assignment is out of 100 marks and is worth 15 per cent of your final course grade.


The assignment has two sections:

  • Section A: Short Critical Reflections (30 marks)
  • Section B: Essay (70 marks)

Details of each section follow.

Section A: Short Critical Reflections (30 marks)

Select one of the assigned readings in each topic in Module 3 and write a short critical reflection (about 250 words) for each (a total of three critical reflections; ten marks for each reflection). You may find it helpful to use one or more of the focus questions included in the activity as a guide.

The critical reflection should present your own thoughts and responses to the reading. Thus, it is an interaction between the ideas in the reading and your own interpretation and response to what you have read. The critical reflection is a polished piece of writing that will be assessed using the same criteria as any piece of writing. It should include an introduction, a body that presents your thoughts clearly and logically, and a conclusion. You may write in the first person but be sure to refer to some of the ideas that are introduced in the reading.

Section B: Essay (70 marks)

Now that you have a general understanding of the observed and potential impacts of climate change in British Columbia, write an essay of 750–1000 words on how you think an altered climate may change people’s lifestyle expectations and attitudes in BC. This requires giving further thought to the potential impacts of climate change that you examined throughout the module and evaluating the significance of those impacts. For example, how might a changed climate affect where people locate, insurance policies, health issues, and so on? And which factors may limit or strengthen people’s and/or communities’ ability to adapt to climate change?

You must reference the course resources that you use in your paper. You are encouraged to use additional references, but they are not required for this assignment. A strong paper will consider the implications of three potential impacts.


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