Assignment 3: Criminal Justice System Case Study Pre-writing Discussion


Assignment #3: CRJS Pre-writing Discussion Prewriting: In ENGL 101, you completed a chart using information from the learning resources, and then you composed two to three paragraphs that summarize the information from all three columns. For this activity, use your completed chart/summary, and revisit the Criminal Justice System Essential Questions: What is the biggest problem with the criminal justice system? What reform is needed to improve the US criminal justice system? Why is the criminal justice system failing? Consider how your experiences connect with the articles read in weeks 1 and 2 of this module. What personal examples can you provide that support or discredit the articles from weeks 1 and 2? Explain/discuss how these examples support or discredit the articles that you have read in these weeks. Criteria (based on LUMEN Resource): Response to questions should be organized into 2-3 paragraphs by topic. Include at least 2 PARAPHRASED examples from the sources with MLA citations. Include an MLA style Works Cited entry for each source included in your post. Peer Responses:  After posting your response, read your classmates’ posts and respond to two or more of your classmates’ postings in any of the following ways: Build on something your classmate said. Explain why and how you see things differently. Ask a probing or clarifying question. Share an insight from having read your classmate’s posting. Offer and support an opinion. Validate an idea with your own experience. Expand on your classmate’s post. Ask for evidence that supports the post. Below are three links to click on to paraphrase evidence from out of the articles into my paper. Also you will be using my completed CRJS Discussion Board Chart summary to answer the “Criminal Justice System Essential Questions.” and organize in  three paragraphs by its topics. Also this paper consists of a part two, I will be uploading the two peers to respond to in my paper once you send me a draft of my paper. And I will also upload the three links below of the sources to include in my paper as PDF files as well a the assignment rubric so that you can have a clearer understanding of my sources.

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Assignment 3: Criminal Justice System Case Study Pre-writing Discussion
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