Assignment 1: Journal Reflections on Research Ethics

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Assignment 1: Journal Reflections on Research Ethics: The objective of this assessment is to think about the ethics and moral and acceptable behavior in scientific research. Having a code of ethics is especially important when researching real people who need to be protected from any harm that may come from participating in research studies (See: The ethics of the research will often drive the research questions we can ask, as some questions or research approaches may be harmful to research subjects. In order to help researchers monitor the ethics of their research and maintain acceptable standards, institutional review boards (IRBs) have been established to evaluate researchers’ plans for research and assess the potential harm and benefits of these plans. Although the IRB helps protect individuals from harm, these codes of ethics have been ignored in the past. Watch either the film “Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment” or “The Deadly Deception” (1993) and discuss: 1) the specific ethical violations exposed 2) how the study violates codes laid out by the American Sociological Association & 3) Suggest an alternative approach you would take to re-conduct a study like this*** 4) Incorporate and references in your paper which Codes of ethics were violated in the video you choose to watch. (see ASA ethics website). NO LATE PAPERS will be accepted. The reflection is worth a possible 30 points. Minimum 2.5 pages, single or double-spaced. Short Heading (Name, Date, & title, single spaced). Links to films: The Standford experiment: The Deadly Deception (1993):

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Assignment 1: Journal Reflections on Research Ethics
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