Assigned readings and information from the literature, | Homework Help

1) Using the assigned readings and information from the literature, compose a response to the following:

Scenario: Jake is a 15-year-old high school sophomore who has earned high grades every semester since miIDle school. He plays on the varsity baseball team and is well liked by his classmates. Lately, his grades have significantly dropped to the point that he is in jeopardy of failing at least one course. If his grades fall, he may not qualify for sports. AIDitionally, he has been late for school or left school early without permission at least once weekly over the past two months. His parents have recently separated and are discussing divorce. Recently, his mother was offered a promotion out of state and she is seriously considering accepting the offer.

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Assigned readings and information from the literature, | Homework Help
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Select a developmental theory presented in this module and apply it to this scenario. Use the theory to answer these questions:

Explain Jake’s behavior.

What are the implications and priorities for nursing care?

In your responses to your peers’ posts provide constructive and insightful comments that go beyond that of agree or disagree.

Compose your work using a word processor and save it, as a Plain Text or an .rtf, to your computer. When you’re ready to make your initial posting, please click on the “Create Thread” button and copy/paste the text from your document into the message field. Be sure to check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors before you post it.




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