Ashford University Week 2 Dynamic Learner Discussion have to comment on the students discussion Mun Learning is dynamic, and the methods, patterns, and ap

Ashford University Week 2 Dynamic Learner Discussion have to comment on the students discussion

Learning is dynamic, and the methods, patterns, and approaches to it vary from one person to another. These, together with their numeric scores and level of use are:
• Technical learning and reasoning- 24, use as needed level
• Learning by precision- 31, use the first level
• Sequential learning- 30, use the first level
• Confluent learning- 24, use as needed level
Dynamic learners gain knowledge from their efforts. It may be through their experiences and personal perception of things. Bridge learners attribute their expertise to observation and practicing what others do. Strong-willed learners have more than three teaching patterns, and I happen to fall under this category of learners. As such, I often tend to things my way as opposed to actively participating in what others do.
As a strong-willed learner, I scored higher in sequential, precise, and confluent learning patters but failed in technical learning as per the Learning Combination Inventory, LCI. I employ sequence in all my activities. With any task at hand, I take time and plan my work and approach. I quickly scan through, gather all materials needed before settling actually to do it. I tend to follow to the letter, as though cast on stone and cannot postpone or proceed without completing what is required first. As a result, my work tends to be thorough and in line with the required output and follows the setout steps. Under precise learning patter, I can’t help but ask questions. Clarity is vital before doing any assignments. In all my classes, I actively take notes, highlighting all new concepts to explore them further. I am, therefore, always able to stick to the desired results. Under confluence, I like finding all approaches to a problem. I like it a lot when my idea stands out of the norm, and I am therefore never afraid of trying out new strategies, trying to bend the standard. However, when it comes to technical reasoning, I am not the best in the market. I struggle when it comes to hand-on activities, and can barely explain in-depth concepts and perform terribly in practical tasks and their presentations.
The Learning Combination Inventory has helped me understand more about myself. With knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses, I can then deliver the best out of me. Surprisingly, I was never fully informed of all patterns and had rough ideas of them. For one, I never thought myself to be terrible in technical reasoning, despite many failed attempts. The results of this program have even motivated me further to go after what I want. When I set eyes on a prize, my strong-willed character sees me through.

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Ashford University Week 2 Dynamic Learner Discussion have to comment on the students discussion Mun Learning is dynamic, and the methods, patterns, and ap
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am a dynamic learner which I agree with. What I understand about this type of learner is that most people fall under this, I will try one way of doing something then if that doesn’t work out for me then ill try and a different way. And ill just avoid everything else until I am in need of the change in direction.

My Score for sequence was a 28 which I do totally agree with, I do need to fully understand the assignment or project or what ever it is I’m doing in order for me to get my best result. I don’t like skipping around and starting ” in the middle” of a project id rather start where I think the beginning is then finish to the end. I will ask for help if I don’t understand the task and make sure I do fully understand it step by step and its more clearer for me.

My precise score was a 26, now I agree and I slightly disagree with this. The only reason i disagree with it is because I feel that I’m not the type of person to correct you on your mistake and need to feel the “perfectionism” in that sense of way.. ( well may depend on the person in cases too) and I don’t really like answering questions, unless I’m confident in my answer . But I do agree that I ask a lot of questions to make sure that the task I’m doing is going to be correct in the end. And this to me ties into sequence that I need to have explanations that are very thorough and that “step by step” so that end result i feel confident about and its what was expected.

My technical score was a 23 I’m up in the air 50/50 on agreeing with it and disagreeing. I definitely would agree that I need to be motivated/ having a purpose in the task I’m doing or I know I wont be successful. I do find it hard to write things down, I think its more on the lines of I don’t know what to write down. I don’t know what important to write down or not unless someone tells me to write it down. Depending on my motivation of the task if it captures that curiosity my details in a task will be great then other times it wont say much.

My confluent score was a 22 which I do agree with, I definitely don’t like doing or repeating the same thing over and over again. If I did it then my thoughts are okay done with it on the the next, unless there is something I can fix or do better or learn from then ill go back to it. I do think everyone has their own way of doing stuff and don’t think it should be done one way only, if your way works for you then do it that way. I’m not a big risk taker at all… I’m too ” need everything to be correct” for me to be confident on my task.

I think all of these categories are strengths to some and weaknesses to some. The different learning groups are to me good to know what type of learner you really are. Yes ,I think we all have a general idea of what works best for us and what doesn’t but this makes us understand it more.


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